The sons of new creation

We live in a world which is governed and ruled by a order of beings in the  heavenlies, known as the sons of God.

These first created beings of creation were put into places of supernatural authority over Gods good creation.

They are the governmental authorities that sit in high places of ruler ship.

These beings are the foundationial structures of this present order, which we presently live in.

The very fabric of humanity is a reflection of who they are, what they are, and what they are like.

Humanity reflects these invisible realities.

These invisible entities dwell and govern creation in the dimension of the spirit realm, which surrounds this world.

God, in the beginning set these places of governmental authority for the good of mankind.

The principalities and powers are the names given to these first born, created sons of another order of creatures, who were created by God.

These powers are the gods of the Adamic creation, which is the present order and system of this world.

They have fashioned this world according to their natures.

These systems they move and operate in were created by God.

Something happened long ago, the bible has some things to say about it, but so much is left unsaid.

There was a great rebellion which occurred in the heavenlies.

These rulers and authorities that were given these places of great honor and authority rebelled.

The bible is very clear, these powers in their rebellion against the God of heaven, did not lose their positions of authority.

In their rebellion God did not remove them, God left them in place, but he did pronounce  Judgment on them.

These sons of the rebellion know that their rein of carriage over Gods good creation has and ending.

The Lord from the days of the cross is now creating a new order of humanity, an order birthed from the agony of suffering and sorrow.

God is preparing a new order of creatures from the order of Adam, known as the sons of the most high, these new creatures have been given the same DNA as the God of heaven, these sons are chosen from among humanity, to be the new creation of God.

These new sons of the most high, were given this heavenly place of power and authority at the cross, by the true Son of the most high God.

The end of this present order and age, will reveal this new governing body, which are chosen elected ones, who will inherit the government of Gods good creation.

At the end of this age, there will be a change of government over the kingdoms of this world.

There will be priests sitting over Gods good creation, reflecting the true image of the God of heaven.

These kings and priests will reveal the mercy of God through the face of his only true Son, Jesus Christ our Lord!

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