Apostolic end of the age witness

The end time manifestation of the Apostle will be the sign of the change of dispensations.

As the early apostles were prepared by the Lord to manifest Gods new movement in the earth, so likewise at the end of the church age the apostolic man will reappear.

Like it or not the church age will end, it was a temporary movement, God has never forsaken his original plan.

The apostle comes on the scene to close one dispensation and to open another; he is given the responsibility to present to the people the new movement of God, but he is also the instrument of judgment to a system that was once given and blessed by God, but now no longer valid.

The Apostle is the revelation of Gods new movement; he is the door that leads the people into this new and strange way.

The Apostle is the consummation of the prophetic ministry; he is the vessel that consummates the prophetic word.

When the Apostle comes on the scene the transition period begins; the prophetic word takes on movement.

The apostolic ministry is a time of great convulsion, Foundations are shaken, people are challenged to leave the old ground once given and blessed by God, and enter into a new and unknown way.

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