Features of our new man

The new man that one receives in Christ is very similar to the old; he seems to take on the visible features of the old.

To me it looks like the new man is moulded from the old man in appearance, but so otherworldly beautiful, but very recognizable to who we are in this life.

Sometimes when one looks at people that are in a very intimate place with the Lord, one sees the old man, who is Adam, but also the new who is Christ, it’s like they are intertwined together in one reality.

Sometimes when one looks at saints one can see their spiritual condition by the radiance of the new man.

When the new man is in a place of ascendancy over the old, their condition is very healthy even visible appearance.

The little I have seen of this new man, is unbelievably, stunningly beautiful.

Unbelievable perfection, like some otherworldly radiance, but somehow rapped in the features of who we are in this life.

Will we know each other in glory, I believe absolutely, but in glorified splendour.

The resurrection of the dead started on the day when Christ rose from the dead, so also our resurrection starts in this present life.

Once one truly enters into Christ, one enters the resurrection from among the dead, yet while we live in the world.

We will not be fully into the glory until we shed this old humanity whenever our earthly time is over, or the lord reveals himself. The mystery is that the two humanities grow together in one body.

One is destined for the grave; the other is destined for glory.

The old theological statement is, already but not yet, already born into the other, were Christ and his church dwell, but not yet in fully.

At this point we are creatures of two worlds, one is growing unto eternity, the other fading into history. This other world, which is the kingdom of the heavens, not in heaven, does not come from some place other than here.

It’s in the very midst of us; the kingdom is now and here, has already come, but continues to keep coming.

The Lords coming will just be the visible revealing of this other worldly place. The bible is clear; we are surrounded by clouds of witnesses.

The saints of all ages are with us, as much as the Lord is.

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