living by the new man

Once we truly come into new birth, Paul says we receive our new man, which is Christ.

Christ is Gods full representation of a new humanity. The fullness of God is in Christ.

He is the meeting place of God and man. In Christ we find a new world that is not known to us by nature.

As we have come into this present world through Adam, so by new birth we come to the world that is Christ.

We see this natural world, which we live in through Adam.

But we don’t see this other world, which is more real than this one. For this world, which we live in, is the reflection of the other.

This other world, which is a different dimension, is hidden to us since the fall of Adam.

Because the event of the cross of Christ, now in this life we are given access to this otherworldly, magical, mystical, beautiful, powerful place, which is the fullness of Christ.

In this world that is Christ the father has elected us into an eternal destiny with his Son.

But this other destiny is only found in the house of God that is Christ. Through the revelation of Calvary we step into this otherworldly place, which is alongside of time and space, which has been prepared for us.

In this present world we know each other by what we are in this life.

But in this other world we know each other by our eternal destiny, which has been given to us by the gift of God.

We look at each other in this world and see common people, nothing really special, but once we are given true spiritual sight, we see people in a much different light.

We judge people in this world by who and what they are; this also is very much the standard that is in the church. But in Christ we are judged by who we are in Christ.

The measure of Christ’s authority given to us is our judgement and measure.

Everything that we are in this life is fading away, but what we have been given and are in Christ will go on into eternity.

The beautiful thing is that what we are eternally destined for, it does start in this life; our eternal ministry begins now, once we receive our new man, who is Christ, we start this journey.

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