the eternal church, which is his body

This present life is the training ground of the Church, which is his body. The destiny of this church is in the eternal ages to come, not in this present evil age.

Like King David running from Saul’s jealous evil hatred toward him, so the church is in the wilderness of this present world, vulnerable to the assaults of the evil one, but knowing that this false kingdom has already been judged.

They are patiently enduring in the midst of his enemies; waiting for the day when he comes, who’s right it is to rule. The lord teaches us very clearly, you are not of this world, even as I am not of this world, John said, love not the world, neither the things of the world, if you love the world, the love of the father is not in you.

The New Testament is full of these warnings regarding these things.

Somehow man has made Christianity an earthly thing.

The true church does not dwell in the earthly realms of this world, but in the Eternal heavenly realms of the age that is to come.

The true church is his eternal predestined body that will reveal the glory of God to his creation. Every member of this elect Church has already been chosen; the Lord knows all their names long before earth’s history reveals them.

They were selected in him before the foundation of the world. They were chosen not because God saw they would respond to his mercy, they were chosen simply because God selected them out of his good pleasure.

All they that were chosen, were called, all they that were called, responded to the irresistible grace of God.

He came out from eternity to find them.

He laid down his holy life for them.

He bore their eternal punishment instead of them.

He paid every debt they owed because of their sins.

When he arose from the dead, they rose with him.

He waits in eternity while present history reveals them.

When they are born into this world, he is with them.

The path they walk he has prepared for them. The discipline they endure, he has specially chosen to them.

In the fires and devastation’s of their lives, he is with them.

All their enemies that hate him are under the hand of his sovereignty. When they come of age, he reveals them to his father.

When their earthly life is over they awake in eternity in him. When he is released from the heavens, they are released with him.

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