Unfolding of divine truth

God is a God that is unfolding his eternal purpose in present time.

Present time is in subjection to his spoken thought regarding his salvation history with man.

The great stresses of the faith is being able to adjust to new unveilings of divine revelation, knowing that what we are leaving has been given and blessed by God for a season.

I think this is probably one of the hardest events that we face when confronted with, are we able to leave our safe place of spiritual comfort and follow the new unknown path, which is presented to us?

The history of this world is in subjection to Gods providential direction; history does not dictate its own direction, God dictates history.

History answers to Gods eternal purposes regarding his eternal kingdom.

God’s eternal kingdom is a prophetic reality now; present reality does not witness this eternal reality yet.

Every time God brings forth eternal prophetic reality, this triggers present historic event.

God isn’t making plans as history unfolds; history unfolds because of Gods plans.

When God speaks eternal prophetic reality into present time, there is always a time space before the word given, and the present historic display.

When we hear Gods prophetic eternal word, we come through faith into the event of the word, before the event becomes historic.

The spoken word of God gives us access into the event before history sees the event.

That’s were our faith is tried. Can we live in the event, which is revealed to us, while everything around us says there is no visible display of this?

Heroes of the faith have been people that were brought into this tension of time. Living in a time that was not yet the time.

This is the historic faith that is ours, Gods ways have always been like this, even our Lord had to endure this kind of tension.

This seems to be Gods way of trying our faith, can we hold onto this ground by faith, which has been revealed, or are we going to say it’s to hard and go back to the ground that we know, which is real and now, but also disappearing?

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
For by it the men of old gained approval. Hebrews,11-1,2

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