The gods of this age

How can one close ones eyes at the fact that the demons themselves have taken over the rule of the world, that it is the powers of darkness who have here made an awful conspiracy.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer 1932

This present world, which we live in, is governed by principalities and powers, rulers of this darkness, hosts of wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.

These powers that are the regulators of Gods good creation, are the very foundation of all systems and life.

These powers were put in place to be the structures of all creation.

These powers make up the fabric of this life.

They are what propel and energize this creation.

They regulate all creation events, as in society, institutions, morality, and every such thing, which makes up the fabric of this life.

They are the hidden invisible realities that give movement to the all things.

Without these powers creation would not be creation.

Behind this visible world, is this invisible phenomenon.

Its like a hand inside of a glove, we naturally see the glove, but inside the glove is the hand that gives movement to the glove.

We as Christians have been raised up believing in a Devil with horns and a tail, also little demons running around tormenting people.

I’m not saying there isn’t any reality to these things, but the picture is so much more than we know.

These powers are an organic part of creation.

They still in their fallen condition fulfill the purpose of their being.

But the truth is that they are fallen creatures, which are in rebellion to the will of their creator.

They were created to serve man, but the reality is, they fell from this position as servants to man and creation, to now as seeking to be served.

They have reversed the role in, which they were created.

Now instead of leading man to their God, They lead him astray against their God.

They have now become the Gods of this age.

In their lust and pride they demand worship from the humans they were created to serve.

These powers make up the fabric of the fall of man. Humanity is now the revealing and expressing the nature of these powers.

Man now expresses through his actions these invisible realities, they truly have now become the Gods of this present age.

Humanity has been duped by believing their cunning lies of deception, so God gave man over to their wickedness.

Now the human condition is so other than what God created. Man has now become barer of the image of the principalities and powers. They have truly hijacked the creation through their deception and lies.

They are hard taskmasters demanding great sacrifice from humanity, all we have to do is look at the world around us to see the affects of their work.

They promise freedom through their lusts, but through experience man we know they deceive and lie.

The poison of their evil fruit is in full bloom in this world.

They have turned man from the creator God, to the creature. Humanity now are worshipers of lust, money, greed, hate, and pride. This truly is the spirit of the antichrist. Antichrist is here and now, we need not wait for him to enter the scene of history, he is alive and present now. The very foundations of this present world system is antichrist.

At this time in salvation history humanity is just witnessing the full expression of this world spirit.

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