Being the church in the midst of the powers

There is this strange hostile relationship between the church and the powers.

The event of Pentecost was the beginning of this hostile relationship between these two entities.

The prophetic fulfillment of Pentecost was the opening of the door for the church into this arena, which prier to it was only understood by the Lord.

This event was the direct result of the ascension of the Lord to the right hand of power, which resulted in the release of the spirit into the body of Christ, which is the church.

This event was the open door to the church into this arena, which is the cosmic conflict of the ages between the Gods of this age and God of heaven.

The event of the Holy Spirit was the event of power, but also warfare.

Now these powers have another reality in their sphere of operation and influence, which is the church.

These powers have been in direct conflict and opposition with the church since the Lord ascended the throne.

This is the world that we enter through new birth; yes it is a very wonderfully amazing reality, but it is also a very hostile and antagonistic environment.

This is the sphere that the book of Joshua represents.

When we come to our Jordan experience, it takes us to the book of Joshua.

We are now on resurrection ground under the government of the Holy Spirit.

The Land of promise is before us, it is given to us through Christ, but the only problem is that the powers that hold this land are still in possession of it,

We begin our phase of spiritual conflict with the rulers of this age that hold this heavenly country.

Though these powers were defeated at the cross, they still remain in the positions of government authority over the nations.

By the churches presence in this world of the heavenlies, the statement is made to the powers that they are not the true Gods of this age; there is another reality in their sphere, which is in direct opposition to their world governmental dominance over the nations.

These powers full well know that this country has been given over to the church through Christs victory on the cross.

They understand that one day they will be cast out, then the church will be left alone to attain their vacant thrones of universal power and influence.

This is the destiny of the church; this is an eternal destiny for all the ages upon ages that will be ahead.

We the church are now living in the same reality of David and Saul, even though Saul knew that one day David would inherit the throne, yet he could not stop persecuting David.

Saul was in constant aggression against David.

Little did Saul know that this persecution was to prepare David for ruler ship?

In Gods hidden mystery, which these rulers cannot understand, is that their evil against David was really their undoing?

This is the mystery of the cross; the powers have no knowledge of it. It is a strange unknown language to them.

They are blind to this reality that was demonstrated at the cross by the greater David.

Remember that the Lord himself talked about giving authority to his church, some over 10 cities, some 5 and so on.

This should not be strange language to us it is very scriptural.

This age is very important; it is the age of training and preparation for ruler ship with Christ over his creation.

When his eternal kingdom is revealed in power and great glory, then the church will be revealed with him.

This is the time of the great inheritance, the word say it is a event that all, who are the church, past, present, and future attain together through Christs victory.

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