The Church, the prophetic presence in the earth

The church of Christ is the prophetic voice of God to the nations of the world.

The church is the vessel that announces Gods statements to the world.

When the Lord does things in the earth, the church is required to announce the event before it is event.

But also the church is the prophetic presence in the earth that releases the event of the spoken word of God.

When the church speaks the event of the spoken word in the earth, then the event is released into the earth.

The bible says that the lord does nothing unless he first reveals it to his servants the prophets, which now is the body of Christ.

When we come into this body, which is Christ, we come to the living testimony of Jesus, who is the spirit of prophecy.

Karl Bath calls the church militant and triumphant, the triumphant has gone on into glory, and is with Christ now in the heavens, but still continues in the ministry and office of the body, but now in the place of glory.

The militant is still in the earth, in the battle with the rulers of this age.

But both the triumphant church, and the militant church are still joined through the head of this body, which is Christ.

These cloud of witnesses that surround us are one with us, they are not sitting on the clouds of heaven. They continue to be the church. They have just left this natural world.

This church, which is his body, is the temple that is growing.

This temple is the habitation of God, but yet not completed.

The heaven side is complete but this side of glory is still in the process.

The bible says that they that surround us are waiting for us.

This body will not be fully completed until we all meet in the air.

This event is the D-day for the human race.

The greater David returns to rule the nations of this world; the supplanting powers of evil are finally removed from their place of authority.

The Church under the authority of Christ is now in this place of governmental authority.

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