What is sin

What is sin? This question seems to be very alive to me these days. is there an answer to this question.

Is sin something that is in me, or is it a foreign substance that I partake of?

I am finding myself in the midst of a change of view of the reality of sin.

This stuff that dwells in my flesh, what the heck is it, its like some kind of a poison that is released through my being, is it me, or is it not me. Is this stuff which is so alive in us part of our DNA?

I find myself in disbelief at what we are witnessing in this world, but also what I witness coming out of me.

I am starting to say to myself, wait a minute, this can’t be me, this stuff that seems to seek expression through me can’t be me, I really don’t think in this way, were in the world does this stuff come from?

Paul says that we naturally are servants to this force called sin; he doesn’t really say that we are the source of it; he does say that we are the outlets of it.

Am I trying to hide from my responsibility in regards to this substance, which I allow expression through me, not at all; I am trying to understand this deadly substance that is such a source of pain and suffering once released.

Are you ever shocked at what you are capable of? Take away the law from our society what would be the consequences.

We all know what happens when there are no consequences to our actions.

We do know that sin entered the human race through Adams fall, but what does that really mean.

Yes I do understand most of the theological statements, which are made in regards to it, but I still am having issues with what is written on the subject.

So what really did happen when Adam fell? We have to remember that it wasn’t Just Adam and eve in the garden, there was also another participant.

The serpent was there also.

So the issues are not just with Adam and eve, we also have to add the serpent into the mix.

To get to the bottom of this thing called sin, we have to include the serpent also. He seems to have a direct part in the fall of our first parents.

Sin did not originate in the fall of our first parents, it was a present reality before the fall of Adam.

What I believe I’m starting to see in ever greater clarity is that Adam lost the image of God at the fall, but the really bad part is that he inherited the image of the serpent.

The serpent become the image of the Adam race, which we all through Adam have inherited.

So we by nature are the image bearers of the serpent.

He expresses his nature now through the Adam race.

Remember what Jesus said to the Pharisees, you are of your father the Devil, it is his will that you do.

The bible says that the rulers of this age crucified the lord of glory, how? It was through the Adamic race, which was Jews and Romans who partook of this calamity.

But the energy behind this event was the powers of the air.

They used their servants, who were the offspring of Adam, to put to death the prince of peace.

Invisible forces in the heavenlies are the image bearers of this world.

We the human race are their outlets, through whom they display their image.

We cannot see this reality in our natural condition, we are as blind as a bat, when it comes to seeing these things.

They are the powers that are in governmental authority.

Creation is the canvas of this reality; the spiritual is revealed through the visible.

Karl Barth says that creation is the mask of the invisible world.

So really humanity is also a part of this mask.

Humanity is really just an expression of the invisible.

The problem is that man has lost the image of the true God, but now he expresses the image of the God of this age.

Who we all know is the prince of the powers of the air.

This is what we are born into, this is our inheritance through Adam.

I don’t think the Lord gives us to much insight into this reality as young believers, but as we begin to mature in the reality of who the Christ is, then we begin to see this hidden world in the heavenlies, which is I will say is massive to our small perception of things.

We begin to have spiritual insight into the mysteries of this hidden world, which energizes this creation.

This sight that comes through new birth does not really see clearly at first, but as it grows into manhood of the new man who is the Christ,then it begins to see these other worldly mysteries, but also what truth really is.

This new life which is Christ in you, begins to see in ever-greater fullness, the issues attached to this universe.

But the sobering thing is that when you start to see these powers, and hidden rulers, they know that they are seen.

Their hiding place is exposed.

They hate any who are given insight to their hidden arena of operation.

They start to become very hostile toward the ones that know their movements.

They openly and very nakedly begin to assault you, they don’t even try hiding anymore, they almost become a visible reality at times.

This is the realm of the controversy of Zion..

This is the arena that the Lord lived in.

But also it is the arena that is waiting for all, who would come to this place of truly seeing what the condition of Man is.

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