Living in the arena

Who are these hostile powers that one comes into conflict with, once one is truly born anew, through the cross of Christ.

This realm of intense supernatural evil hostility, which reverberates through Gods universe, is a very hostile place for any who are born into it.

Once one is born into the heavenly man, who is the universal Christ of Gods new order, one is brought into this supernatural realm of intense, rebellious evil.

This place, which is hidden to our natural human life, exists in the very atmosphere that we live in.

It is a shockingly hostile environment, once entered.

These so called rulers and authorities, which inhabit this sphere of universal influence and evil, get very alarmed when any dare to dwell in their orbit of influence.

Once one has truly come into this sphere, through the revelation of Calvary, then one finds himself in the midst of divine supernatural beings, who are very agitated with your presence in their arena.

These powers and authorities quickly begin to pay special attention to you.

Once entered into this arena, everything begins to change in ones life.

The vey atmosphere around you is charged with antagonism, and this antagonism is directed toward you.

You become the center of very much unwanted and hostile attention.

People who once lived in common peace with you, now get very agitated with your presence.

Like David lamenting in the wilderness, I have become a speckled bird, so also this is common to many who come into this place.

Unexplained supernatural events start to take place in your life, which make no sense.

It becomes at times naked aggression of a kind, which staggers our human sensibilities.

This new antagonistic world, which now comes alive toward you, is a very odd experience, which takes one a long time to get ones head around.

The whole exercise against you is to get one to retreat, leave this hostile place, which does not seem to let up against you.

This is a very common experience to many who enter this arena called the heavenlies in Christ Jesus.

This is the world that Jesus came into through the baptism of the holy spirit, and through his cross has now been opened up to us.

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