Overcoming life of Christ

This life, which we come into through faith in Christ is indestructible, invincible; there is no force in this universe, natural or spiritual that can stand against it.

Let the nations be in an uproar, let the Kings of the earth come against it, let all the principalities and powers rage before it, the Lord says, I have installed my King on the holy hill of Zion.

This life is our rock and our shield.

The principalities and powers may be given much liberty in assaulting our humanity, but after their rage is exhausted on us, and we wonder if they have finally overcome us, then this overcoming life, which is Christ in us, rises from the ashes of our trail into his universal victory, which he has secured for us at the cross.

Don’t let evil and trail discourage you, these events are only allowed by Gods sovereignty to draw out this wonderful life, which he has given us.

Don’t draw back into yourself when trouble comes your way, wait it out, even though you feel stretched further than you think you can endure.

When the trial is over, this precious overcoming life rises from the ashes of the trial, into newness of resurrection, which we can’t even imagine.

The days of trial are always very near.

God does allow troublesome events to come our way.

God is allowing his church to be stretched to its limits.

The only way the life of Christ which is in us, can truly be revealed is through trouble, persecutions, sufferings, and trials.

If you’ve come into the life of the Christ, don’t think that God is going to just let you have a nice peaceful time in this world.

This risen life of the Christ draws out the evil, which is in the world.

Things are beginning to change, just because we live in these so-called Christian nations, don’t think we can escape these events.

These things will come in this nation, just as much as any other.

Just know this that his life in us is the final answer.

Don’t worry about all the things that are about to take place; all things are under the Lords sovereign hand.

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