The revelation of Jesus Christ

I believe we are again living in a time in which the Christian church has once again lost the great truths of the apostolic faith.

Like the time of Luther, the church once again needs another reformation of the apostolic faith.

The Christian faith has once again become in most parts just another religion in the earth; it has lost the apostolic presence that separates the Christian faith from all other faiths.

We again in this day, need the Lord to send forth his great truths into the body of believers, which makes up the present church.

We have all the teachings, we have all the history, we have all the books, but we are missing what the early church had, we are missing what was restored in the time of the reformation.

I believe we at this present moment of history, as the church, are again living in the time of great need.

To finish this present dispensation the church needs to once again come into, not something new, but something that has always been, but now lost.

We need to once again ask the Lord to bring us back to where it all began, to what was completed at the cross.

We need the Lord to once again reveal to us what really is available for us in Christ.

We need to come into the reality of the finished perfected work of Christ.

We need to have our inner eyes opened to see the great work of the Christ, which he secured for us on his cross.

We all seem to have the proper doctrines and teachings.

Our theology is very sound, but we have missed the main ingredient, which is the very apostolic presence, of the living God dwelling in the midst of his people.

Yes we need power and his presence once again to fill our meetings.

We need what others in the history of the church came into.

But these things are only entered into through an inner revelation of the finished work of Christ.

Pentecost was the result of the Lord ascending to the throne, this was the result, power to perform great works in the earth.

The early church came into this truth, they saw the ascended glorified Lord of heaven, sitting at the right hand of power, having all authority in heaven and on earth.

This is what the early church came into, this was what the reformation was, it was the great truths once again being restored to the church.

To see these great truths by spiritual revelation, is to come into the throne room of power and authority.

This is were the holy spirit camps out at.

This is the place where the defeat of the principalities and powers is a living reality.

The holy spirit always bears witness to the finished work of Christ.

If we want his power and presence, then we have to ask the Lord to show us who he is in Gods universe.

When one sees the lord high and lifted up, ruling his creation with great power and authority, siting on the right hand of power, exercising his will over the nations, this brings great comfort and assurance to our faith.

To see the lordship of Jesus Christ over all things, is to come into the throne room of universal power and influence.

On this ground, which is Christ crucified, ascended ruler over all, there we truly find our release and freedom.

I believe the church is once again ripe, for a new unveiling of the universal lordship of the Christ of God.

I believe unless we see these great once and for all time delivered truths, we will continue to live under the glory, which is available for us.

Jesus said, you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

3 thoughts on “The revelation of Jesus Christ

  1. Something different is happening,
    I believe we may be entering the first seal of revelation
    Things so horrible god will not want us to know so it is hidden


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