Sovereign Election

I think this truth is one of the most contested truths in the faith, God is an electing God; he chooses whom he will, as he will, when he will, when rightly apprehended, this truth is a devastation to the arrogant heart of man, man thinks he can, but doesn’t understand, he is a fool, blinded by his pride.

The election of God is the beginning of the utter devastation of the Adamic life, election undercuts all our natural human ability to give to God something good in ourselves, election says no to what we are, but yes to what he is.

Election leads us into a self-revelation of the total depravity of our human nature.

Election closes the door to one humanity, but opens the door to another.

This new humanity is no longer what we are, but what he is, this foundational truth when rightly apprehended is the place of rest and peace, it takes us into the total satisfaction of Gods son, no longer what I am, but what he is.

Election opens the door to the controversy of Zion, God has a people in this world that are not welcome, the principalities and powers of the air know this.

These people are a direct cause of agitation to their rule over fallen mankind.

These powers know that on the great day when he appears with his elect, their long rein of evil will come to and end, their place of power will be given to the church which has suffered from their assaults throughout the ages of time.

In this present age there is no release from these assaults, the elect have to bear under the stress of these constant antagonisms that are directed at them from the evil one, knowing that many that have gone on have born these sufferings also.

As Saul assaulted David, so the elect will suffer from the assaults of the evil one.

This conflict will continue until the appearing of Christ’s theocratic kingdom.

Every elect member of his mystical body that now dwells on the earth is brought into this conflict.

As soon as we enter into the elect heavenly man, the atmosphere changes, we are brought into a realm of intense spiritual antagonism.

We feel that we have come into a world of intense evil, and this evil is now directed at us.

This evil comes in many forms, people begin to look at you different.

People that once were common to life now look at you with suspicion, your very presence seems to agitate them.

In the early stages of this life you wonder what in the world is going on, but over time and experience you realize these assaults are directed at the heavenly man, whom now has become your life.

The purpose of these assaults are aimed at getting us back into the old Adamic life, which is the sphere and ground of the evil one’s authority.

Over time and much failure, we begin to understand our enemies, our faith is enlarged, we begin to learn how to hold this heavenly ground, the new man is enlarged, we bend but not break.

I believe the root of anti Semitism is the direct cause of the election of the nation of Israel.

The world does not understand this reality, but the powers of the air do, if people would stand back and ask themselves, why don’t we like these people, they couldn’t give a reasonable answer, the reality is they are chosen which makes them marked for antagonism.

The intensity of this conflict will continue to escalate more and more as we approach the birthing of the theocratic kingdom, hitting the high water mark on the day that is called, the day of Jacobs’s trouble.

This conflict has no ending in this present life; the day we leave this world is the day it ends, but we do know, by Gods promise to his elect, not one shall be lost.

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