Prophetic communication

When we hear a new prophetic word from God, we hear the same word that others have heard throughout the ages.

The spoken prophetic word is always new to us, but it has always been spoken.

When we come into the heavenly Christ, who is the word, we come into the full spoken thought of God, for now and for all the ages that will follow.

Everything God has to say to humanity now, has already been spoken in the eternal Christ, who is the eternal word of God.

To come into the Christ who is the word, is to come into the full revelation of Gods spoken word.

When we come into Christ, we come into the Prophetic communication of Gods word.

When we hear the word, we become Prophetic communicators of the word.

When we speak the word, if it truly is the word, it triggers present time historic event, for those who hear the word.

God has always spoken his eternal word, but not all hear this word.

Every time we hear Gods spoken prophetic word, it is always new to us, but it has always been spoken.

Prophetic events in historic present time, wait for the prophetic eternal speaking of Gods word.

When God brings into being historic present time events, God sends forth his spoken eternal word.

The communicators of this word are the hearers of the word.

The communicators of the eternal word, are the ones who live in the eternal word.

The hearers of the word are brought into the reproach of the word, which always comes with the hearing of the word.

The communicators of the prophetic word are given access to see the prophetic events of the word, before the word becomes the historical present time event.

God allows the prophetic communicators of the word to see the glory of the word, but he does not allow them to share in the glory of the word.

Gods jealousy for the glory of his word always requires this.

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