Why are the nations in an uproar

If we truly have eyes to see into the spirit realm, which governs this world, we would see a glorious eternal kingdom, which is right in the midst of the very presence that we dwell in.

Its kind of like three in one, the earthly realm were we inhabit, the lower heaven-lies were the principalities and powers inhabit, and the upper heaven-lies were the King and his Kingdom inhabit.

These three realms are here together at the same time, there is no distance that separates them, what separates them is depth?

We have been taught that the kingdom of heaven is some distant place far away.

This kingdom is here and now, right in the very midst of the air that we breath.

The people who truly have seen and live in this reality called the kingdom of heaven, are the ones that are able to release this kingdom in power, into the realm of the visible.

We have come to mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem; we are not coming to it when we die.

The bible says that we have come to this eternal city yet while we are still living in this earthly realm.

At the Cross the Lord ascended the holy hill of Zion and established this city.

Through his death and resurrection, the Lord laid the foundation of this eternal city.

The bible makes it clear, this city grows out from the earth.

The clouds of witnesses that surround us are the residents of the city, but we that have been born from above, are residents also.

These witnesses were just like us when they died, they just left this physical fleshly realm.

Near the end of his physical life, Samuel Rutherford an old Reformer said, I see Emanuel’s land, and it is full of glory.

What the second coming means to me, is the physical visible revelation of this city.

The bible says every eye will see this appearing?

That to me says that this city covers all the realms of earth now.

When it is revealed every eye will be witness to its physical display.

The age we live in now is not the blessed Age of peace, that will come at the time of its revealing.

This age is the age of battle.

David was a man of battle.

The Lord is building this city in the midst of his enemies.

The Lord is using all the evil work of his enemies to prepare this eternal city.

To live in this city now is to be in a place of warfare.

The world rulers of this present darkness are very agitated at its presence; they want this city and its people who dwell in this place to disappear.

To live in this city is to come under extreme spiritual conflict.

Once we take our stand with the Lord on the holy hill of Zion, we become marked men and women.

Special attention is given us from the world rulers when we make this kind of a stand.

The Lord says fear not I have overcome all your enemies, they are already defeated by him, all we have to do is stand in his complete victory.

To truly come into the revelation of this city, is to truly see the eternal church of the living God.

One thought on “Why are the nations in an uproar

  1. I will praise the the builders of the great city ! and I see Glory of Him covering the Earth as the waters covering Sea !


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