Adam or Christ

What did John really mean when he made the statement in 1 John; the whole world lies in the power of the evil one?

This statement is one of the most confounding statements in scripture.

Does this really mean what is says, does this world really lie in the wicked one.

To me this statement draws great attention due to the fact that it was written after the book of revelation.

John made this statement well after the book of revelation was written.

Scholars believe the revelation was written in the year of 96, the date of 1 John is around 100 to 105.

The scriptures only give us glimpses of these hidden realities, which are hidden to our natural faculties.

The problem is that we are a deceived race of people; we live in a world of deception, which is governed by the rulers of this age.

In Adam we all by nature are blinded by the god of this age, he is the hidden energizing reality behind the natural man.

Paul says that we by nature unknowingly do his will.

We are all representatives of the race of Adam; no matter who you are, you are under the racial head who is Adam.

This inheritance that Adam represents we inherit through natural birth.

Everything that is true of Adam is now true of us.

Adam is the source of all our life springs.

But Adam lives on the ground of deception.

He does not know this, but he is a servant to another, he is bound to do some one others will.

This is a very weird reality that we by nature stand on this ground, which is Adam,

The life of Adam energizes all of our movements in this life.

The problem is that Adam lives by a fallen deceived life.

This is all that we know, this is what we are born into, there is nothing else; we are stuck on this ground of such misery turmoil and confusion.

We have a hard time admitting to ourselves that we are really not free agents.

We are bound to a life of sin and death, which we freely inherited through the fall of Adam.

This is the main source of all religion, trying to make Adam a good moral person.

Adam cannot be good, Adam is a servant to sin and death.

This life of Adam is united with the reality of the evil one, this we don’t like to hear.

Yes we all by birth into this world do inherit this union, which is our inheritance through Adam.

This is our natural inheritance when we are born into this life, there is nothing else.

But the good news of the gospel is, now there is another place for us besides what we have come into through natural birth.

This other ground, who is Christ, is the place were we truly find what we long for, peace, truth, freedom, the great yoke that Adam carries is now lifted off.

This is the mystery of the faith that now we can live in a totally different kind of reality, which is completely other than the world knows.

It’s like living on a different planet than what we presently see and know.

This is the mystery of the gospel, that the world of Adam and the world of Christ do live side by side in this place called earth.

But we do know that the Adam race and his God were judged at the cross.

We do know that in the end there will only be one kind of a kingdom left.

These two kingdoms are growing together into maturity.

One is maturing into the full expression Adam, which is death.

The other is maturing into the full expression of Christ, which is life.

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