Living by truth

Living by the truth, does not mean that you mentally believe something that is written down and observed?

To live by the truth, is to live by a life, which is altogether different and other than what we know by nature.

Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

Truth is not a system of belief, like following a bunch of rules.

This world is built on a foundation of deception and lies.

Everything about this world is hostile in nature, in regards to the truth as God sees it.

The truth as the world lives in, and the truth as God lives in, are like two altogether different kinds of species of creatures.

Outside of who and what God is, there is nothing that is true.

This world, which we live in, might look to our natural condition, to be a very enriching and wonderful place.

Humanity thinks itself to be such a clever and enlightened species.

By the coming of Jesus into this world, this world was split in two.

Jesus never came into this world to start a new religion, which is called Christianity?

What Jesus brought into this world was a different kind of life, which is called the truth.

This life that Jesus lived out in this world, was another species altogether different and other, than what was in the world.

Jesus never ever came into this world to make man a better creature.

Jesus came into this world, to put this creature that lives in this world, on a cross.

This is what Gods answer was regarding the creature man, who lives in this world.

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