The coming cosmic collision

The powers this present age, which are the foundations of this creation, are not only in rebellion against God, they are hostile toward anything that represents him.

They have no desire to let man escape their evil tyranny.

They do everything they possibly can do, to keep humanity subject under their authority.

These fallen rulers and authorities of this present darkness, have framed this world after their image and likeness.

All we have to do is look at this world in which we live, to know how they operate and rule.

This world is fashioned and celebrated according to their kind.

The lust of the flesh, the love of money, seeking after pleasure.

All these things are not of the true God, they are hostile to his nature.

This evil age does everything it can to blind and deceive humanity from seeing the truth of a holy God, who will require every human to answer for their life lived.

Mankind is trapped in this cycle of death, he can’t escape the tyranny they hold over him.

The knowledge of this is not something that is come into lightheartedly.

It is very sobering once our inner eyes begin to witness these truths.

These fallen gods of this present time and age,are a very real phenomenon.

They regulate the hidden systems of this world, and they are a necessary evil in this present age.

Some believe that God will redeem these powers, using the argument that they are necessary to sustain this creation.

I can’t follow this line of reason.

I can’t see how they can be redeemed.

I don’t believe this argument has any scriptural support.

These authorities are very intelligent entities, who well understand the purposes of God much better than any of us.

They know what the real end game is.

They have understanding of their season and destiny.

This is the reason they do, and will do, anything to hang onto power in this world.

They are fully aware what the return of the Lord represents to their eternal destiny and fate.

As we begin to witness the prophetic fulfillment of the return of the Lord, we will begin to witness an ever growing desperation against Israel and the church.

This hostility will elevate dramatically as the end of the age approaches.

I am feeling prophetically a real sense of desperation coming from this realm of evil.

They know that their time as the usurpers of this age, is quickly coming to a climatic ending.

This is what is ahead for the church and Israel.

Don’t think that this age ends with a whimper.

The bible is very clear regarding the end of this dispensation.

This age ends with the cosmic collision between two systems and two kingdoms.

The kingdom of the rulers of this present darkness, and the kingdom of the ruler of Light.

The bible teaches that when these events do come, they will come suddenly.

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