Start of the prophetic clock

When the age of the gentiles comes to an end, and the Lord again, as he has said through the prophets returns back to ancient Israel then you know the prophetic time clock of his return is started. I believe the powers of this age know that when this begins to happen, then they truly know the gig is up for them and their false rule over the nations.

3 thoughts on “Start of the prophetic clock

  1. Joe, I don’t know where you get that the Lord “returns back to ancient Israel.”
    The critically important rule for the interpretation of the scriptures is that all Old Testament scripture must be viewed through the lens of the New Covenant. That’s how the apostles viewed them. Only in the light of the New Covenant do we see God’s original intent in the Old Testament scriptures.


  2. Hi Allen I don’t think that I am implying what you are says. What I mean by this is that Paul speaks that sometime before the return of the Lord he will once again offer salvation through Christ to natural israel.
    I think paul is clear on this. I believe the age of the gospel started with the rejection of their Messiah but will end with the acceptance of him. I see this clearly in the prophets. I have been to Israel twice and am going again, I feel the Lords presence in the land of Israel. Even in their exile the Lord is in the midst of the people. I believe the Lord is about to give the nation of Israel a true wittness of himself through the church to the people of Israel.


    • Hi Joe. Salvation through Christ has always been offered to natural Israel. There was no time when God slammed the door of the Gospel shut so that natural Israel could not enter in. And so throughout history, there have always been some Jews who received the Gospel. Granted, a very small minority compared to Gentiles.
      Scripture states that there is, not totally but “in part,” a blindness in the people of Israel (wherever they are scattered in the earth) “till the fullness of the Gentiles” comes in, and becomes part of “the Israel of God.” But at the same time, it is a major blindness among Christians in our day that they do not see what Scripture plainly states– that as far as the Gospel is concerned, there is now no difference between Jew and Gentile. God has the same eternal purpose in Christ for them both as members of a new creation Man with the same spiritual (not earthly) inheritance. It is only in accord with this that in due time there will be a major turning to Christ among Jews in the world wherever they live. It doesn’t mean that each and every one will be saved. But vast numbers, no doubt.


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