Prophetic insight regarding recent world events

I have been one who was in line with the present US administration.

I feel that the Lords will has been in line with the present US administration.

I feel that the nation has been living in a time of covering and protection, that came from the Lord, in regards to all her enemies.

The Lord has been blessing this nation for a extended season.

This has been my view from the beginning of this present administration.

But I feel the real need to speak some things in regards to the present issue with Iran.

It is with a real heaviness that I feel to say, that what just happened with Iran was out of the orbit of the will of God.

I feel that somehow in the mystery of the sovereignty of God, there was an offensive act initiated, in regards to the courts of the heavenly government, which resides over the nations of the world.

Something happened in the heavens, which I believe will result in the cause for the removal of the present protection, which the US has presently been under.

Even though there is real grounds for the justification of this attack from the US. I believe it is an event, which was not condoned nor approved by the authority and purpose of the Lords council.

I believe that this act, that has transpired in the natural realm, has released supernatural consequences over the nation, which I believe will begin to transpire.

Somehow I feel as if a covering of the Lords mercy and grace, has now been lifted from the US.

This I believe, caused a recoiling of the protection from the Lord, over the nation.

The ramifications of this, I believe will have many unwanted consequences, in many different avenues, which are to come.

These are very hard statements for one to make. I am expressing them with a heaviness of spirit, but I feel the need to express the things, which I believe I hear the Spirit of the Lord speaking.

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