Prophetic shift in the realm of the heavenlies

Last night I felt a prophetic shift had taken place in the realm of the heavenlies.

This is the first time that I can remember hearing a prophetic word, which came with a real time prophetic shifting of some kind of reality, in the world of spirit.

I have heard prophetic statements in the past that were for a time that was not yet the time.

I have heard and seen prophetic statements in the past that faded away once the word was released and given.

Last night the word I was seeing was being birthed in real time.

The word was being real time event in the world of the heavenlies in Christ Jesus.

This is something that is very rare to me, real time prophetic manifestation?

I believe something is different today, some kind of an event has taken place in the spirit that was not reality before.

I am sensing big a change in what has been spiritual reality.

Something has been birthed that was not before.

There is something new that has come, I see and sense a new reality in what has been, to what now is.

It is a sense of optimistically guarded anticipation, of something profound, something that was not, to something that now is.

I believe we have entered hollowed ground.

The Church has not been here before.

A new reality has come in Christ Jesus.

I have in my christian experience never seen something like this, its almost like a visible tangible reality of something otherworldly in the realm of the now?

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