Prophetic word Jan 3/20

Tonight I feel a real shift in the spirit world.

I really feel a major shifting in the realm and atmosphere of the heavenlies is taking place.

The word that came was, we are entering into a season of whoa.

New events have been set into motion.

I feel that it is more than just what is happening in the middle east.

Something was released in the heavens tonight that is much bigger than what is taking place with Iran.

It feels like a real shaking is about to come to this world.

New things have been set into motion, we have not been this way before.

3 thoughts on “Prophetic word Jan 3/20

  1. Today is March 29,2020 and we are in the midst of the pandemic. I recall reading this prophetic word back in January, and it seemed to have quite a sobering effect at the time, but as the days went by I forgot about it. There’s so much that passes for the “prophetic” these days, none of which ever materializes, so my guard is always up. So it’s very encouraging to see a true prophetic word. May the word abide in you, Joe, as you abide in the Word.


    • I hope you are doing well my friend, very crazy days for sure.
      Thank you for the kind words.
      Waiting with a heavy heart, watching the sufferings in the world escalate.
      I know that God is always good. if he allows suffering, its only his hand of love manifested.
      Where would I be today, if he hadn’t graced me with this wonderful favor.
      God longs to come into fellowship with his creatures, but his holiness requires a purity of heart.
      I know that after so many years under his hand, his ways in the end are always mercy, and unspeakable love toward creatures.

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