Unspeakable Love of God

What a time to be living in, I am having to pinch myself to what I believe is coming to this world. Unspeakable grace for his people who call him Lord.

God is longing to come and be with his people, this is why he has created us in his image,

The Lord longs to be living in the midst of his creatures. His desire to be in fellowship with us is greater than anything in this universe.

Nothing can separate his love from us. The cross was the ultimate sacrifice given for his creatures. It cost him everything he had. Every ounce of love he had for humanity was released at the cross.

Nothing was held back from us. His full expression of love for humanity was given for us at the cross.

Like Paul cries out, who can separate us now from his Love. There is nothing left in creation that can stop his love from reaching his creatures.

The end of all Gods ways will be glory for the ages upon the ages to come.

Who will be able to resist this endless stream of mercy and love that is coming.

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