The angel of the Lord

We are coming into days that will stagger us in regards to the faith. I believe we are living in the hour when the angel of the Lord is about to come onto the scene of history.

As in the days of Joshua, so also today I believe he is about to be revealed.

William Branham, who I believe was a forerunner and type of the end of the age wittness, lived in this reality.

When Branham ministered the angel of the Lord would come. Branham would know when he entered the atmosphere, the power and gifting to do signs and wonders would come with him.

I belive we are about to enter into this reality in the days ahead.

I belive the Angel of the Lord is no other than the glorified Christ.

We are coming onto Holy ground. I believe we are coming into the days when the Lord is about to do wonders in our midst.

Those who have eyes to see him will be the vessels who will reflect the glory of his coming.

The king is coming!

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