Jerusalem which is above

This transcendent kingdom of the heavens, oh what a place it is.

This mystical magical realm, where the Lord and the saints of all the ages past, present, and future inhabit.

The praise of the whole earth.

The new Jerusalem, which is above us , but not beyond us.

She is here, she is there, she is now, she is then.

She is the eternal city, in the midst of our present time.

Her gates are always open, for those who long to see her.

Her love and mercy is always free and flowing.

Her purity is more radiant than diamonds.

She lives in the very midst of the air that we breath.

She is always calling, she is always drawing, she is always searching.

She is free, she is brave, she is love.

She lives in the midst of our time, but her foundations are eternal.

She is now, she was then, she always was, she always will be.

She rules in perfect justice, she rules in perfect mercy.

Her streets are full of glory, her streets are for the holy.

She is almost here, she is almost there, she is almost everywhere.

She was, she is, she is coming?

She is now, she was then, she is here, can you see her, she is calling you, her gates are wide and open.

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