The coming of the kingdom

As the signs begin to escalate in the physical world, so the Lord says when you begin to see these things, look up for your redemption is drawing near.

The bible makes a comparison with a woman in travail ready to give birth, to the coming of the kingdom.

As we begin to approach the end of the age, the signs of the coming of the kingdom will continue to escalate.

The bible talks about a great anguish of travail right before the physical display of the kingdom.

The kingdom of the heavens has been growing in the earth for two thousand years.

It started with the seed planted by the Lord.

It started small, but it has continued to grow in the realm of the heavenly, which surrounds the earth.

There comes a time when the fullness of this kingdom comes to maturity, and is ready to be birthed.

When this point arrives it triggers contractions in the heavens, which directly affects the physical world.

It seems like the contractions of the kingdom are directly related to the physical world, earth quakes, roaring of he oceans, convulsions of nature, these events are all very related.

In revelation twelve it talks about the man-child being born.

Some scholars believe that was the resurrection of the Lord.

I believe that was true in part, but I believe the fullness of that relates to the church.

Romans eight says the whole creation is in anxious longing waiting eagerly the revealing of the sons of God, for we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of child birth.

The other great sign is the fig tree, which is the Jew, T Austin Sparks said, if you want to know were we are in God timetable watch Jerusalem.

Mathew twenty-four says, when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, we are at the very door.

The birthing of the theocratic kingdom will be a very dramatic event for the present state of things.

I believe at this moment of history and time, we are right at the door of this release, of universal apostolic event.

When it does begin to happen, hang on! the ride for this present world and the church is going to get very dramatic.

I do know when the present state of things that are, are removed, God will have an order that is ready and waiting.

When Saul was removed God had David prepared and ready to inherit the kingdom.

So when this present state of things is removed the Lord will have a prepared people for a prepared state.

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