The return of the King

We are bombarded by eschatological timetables of the return of the Lord.

Every one seems to have a formula of this historic event.

The Christian books stores are full of these books; the TV preachers have every detail figured out.

I’m beginning to come to this realization that the return of the Lord is first a spiritual event before it is a literal manifestation.

I believe the physical manifestation of his return is at the end of this day.

The physical revealing is the expression of the spiritual reality.

The visible is the culmination of the spiritual.

I believe the day of the Lord does not mean that he leaves heaven then comes to earth.

Remember that his appearing is sudden; people are shocked when he arrives.

So what I believe I am seeing is that the day of the Lord could start well before his physical revealing.

We could be at this moment in history be witnessing this day.

If we are looking for outward signs we will miss it.

This event is first spiritual in nature before a visible manifestation.

I believe all the signs of the end point to spiritual realities; if we can’t first see the spiritual reality we will miss the visible event.

The Mark of the beast the man of sin the great falling away, all these signs are first a spiritual phenomenon before a literal event.

If I’m reading the scriptures right, most people will be fooled by the day of the Lord.

The book of revelation is a heavenly book; John was in the spirit when he wrote it. It was a spiritual unveiling. All the mystical figures were spiritual events.

If we try to make it literal, we are already fooled.

This book is an unveiling of spiritual events; we can’t formulate a system out of it.

Living in the prophetic is living before the event; we already understand the thing once it arrives, we have already seen the spiritual reality of it.

This doesn’t mean that you have to have a prophetic gift to understand this, it means that if you live in the reality of in Christ Jesus, you should be witness to the hidden signs.

Remember the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, this is one of the attributes that is reality through union with him.

This is why the Lord is always warning us of his coming, be wise, don’t be foolish, be alert, keep your lamp of spiritual fervor burning, don’t allow your oil to run dry.

The end of this age is a time of the greatest deception that mankind has known.

If we miss the spiritual reality of it, we will be as the German nation, which were completely fooled by the powers of the air, they thought that they were true, but little did they know they were pawns in the hands of the evil one.

Who else but the powers of the air would want to destroy the Jewish nation?

This act of barbarianism is not human in nature; it is evil, which is energized from the powers of the air, they high jacked the German nation into doing their evil will.

This was not about Hitler, it was about the God of this age, Hitler was only just a pawn in his hand, but I will say a willing pawn.

This is what is ahead for the end of this age; these powers are not giving up in their thirst of destroying this people.

The powers of the air full well know what they represent, in regards to the coming of the King and his kingdom.

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