Defeating the power of death

The thing that these powers fear more than anything else is to be exposed, when they are brought into the light they no longer have power over us, their power lies in deceit, deception, fear, domination.

The cross was the event that exposed them; they were brought out of darkness into light.

This they did not understand when the put to death through wicked men the prince of peace.

The cross was the event that unmasked them, Paul says that they were made a public display; they unknowingly gave away their power through the crucifixion of Jesus.

Many say that the resurrection was the victory of the Son of God, but I disagree with this, I believe the resurrection was the fruit of the cross; the resurrection represents the victory of Jesus.

That is why he rose from the dead; he defeated him who had the power of death.

Death could no longer hold its grip on him.

This is now our inheritance through union with our great king and Lord.

Jesus now holds the power of death. In him death is defeated.

This is what the powers did not understand; they put to death one which they had no right to.

He was an innocent man.

The powers signed their own death sentence at the cross.

They had rights to Adam but they had no rights to Christ.

This they did not know, Paul says if they knew this they would never have put Jesus to death.

At the cross Judgment was pronounced over the powers, they broke Gods moral law by putting to death innocent blood.

The principalities and powers of this world had rights to the Adamic race, for Adam was guilty of death, but they did not have any rights to Jesus. This they did not understand.

Remember when Jesus said the prince of this world cometh but he has nothing in me.

This is the wisdom of God that these powers did not know; the powers were fooled by their own craftiness and deceit.

He was led like a lamb to slaughter, but when they put their evil hateful knife into the spotless lamb, they cut their own throats.

This is the hidden wisdom of God. Haman hung on his own gallows.

These powers are now made void in Christ, they are subject to his authority, this is the place of our freedom.

With his innocent blood he paid for our release, now when we come into Christ, we come into the freedom from the powers of this age, for now we live in the age that is to come.

They have no rights over us now in him, he is now their Lord and master, he holds them by his great victory.

This is the Gospel of grace, that freedom from the powers has come.

They now no longer can hold us in their evil grip, for we are of new creation, which is not of this present world, which is of the age that is coming, but already has come.

Christ has broken their authority. We are now free, all we have to do is believe in his great victory.

It has already been competed in Christ. Who is the representation of Gods new race of humanity. Who rules and reins over Gods new creation, which is the victory of Calvary.

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