The mystery of Israel and the powers

The greatest battle we the church will have in these last days is to speak the mystery of Israel’s final restoration.

This is not just because the main body of believes have no understanding of it.

The real battle is in the spirit realm were this mystery is being contested to the uttermost by the rules of this present age.

The rules of this age will contest and frustrate the word of the restoration of Israel to the uttermost; the vessels that speak and understand this mystery will be the target of their assaults.

These rulers know better than we what this event truly means for them.

Israel’s last day’s restoration is the climax of this present age.

Their reinstatement into their native covenant tree, which is Christ, releases the theocratic rule of God over the nations of the world.

When this event becomes reality, the rulers of this age are finally removed from their long rein of terror over the nations.

They know full well better than we what is at stake.

They will contest this word with all the weapons they have in their arsenal.

It is not because Israel deserves this any more than we deserve salvation, it is to do with the glory of God forever.

It has nothing to do with what we deserve, it is about God being justified in what he promises.

The restoration of Israel is the honor and glory of God.

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