The glorified rule of the church through Christ

I think the confusion in the Christian church lies in not rightly apprehending the event of the cross, what happened at the cross?

Did the Lord replace the elect nation with what is now called the church; are the promises now transferred to the Christian church?

This confusion has to be cleared up as the days ahead unfold.

We have to understand what the church is, and what place it has in Gods economy.

What is the church? Its his bride, its not his nation, we are brought into this relationship by our marriage to Christ, we become his helpmate to help govern his eternal kingdom, Paul says we become bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh.

As Eve was formed out of Adam, so the church was formed on the cross of Calvary, out from that one event, the church, the bride of Christ came into being.

Why has God waited so long to come back to this earth, take his seat on the throne of David, and rule over his people Israel, the answer is, his bride is not yet ready.

The bible seems to say the marriage of the Lord to his bride triggers the restoration of the Davidic kingdom on the earth.

God is waiting until his bride is ready before he returns as visible ruler of this world.

The nation of Israel has been preserved to this very day for this historic event, when the Lord reveals himself and his bride, to his ancient people called Israel.

Without a people called Israel, there is no theocratic rule of God over the nations of this world; all hope of an age of peace on this earth is made void.

The apostolic age was started with the Jews at Christ’s first coming, the Lords second coming to the Jews will trigger the fullness of the apostolic age, they will be Gods visible ministers to the nations of this world.

The church will be a glorified bride ruling and reining with him from the heavenly places.

Why does God need a glorified heavenly bride, because the heavenly realm is the real place of governmental authority.

The destiny of the church is to rule over the principalities and powers, which now are in places of authority in this realm.

This governmental realm of authority has to be filled, God does not believe in vacuums.

He allows these powers to maintain this authority until the church, who is his bride inherits these thrones of power.

In Gods organic economy this is his eternal design.

This realm was temporary lost to the angelic beings through Adams fall.

When the church has made herself ready, then it will be placed into this predestined destiny.

The Lord has already inherited this authority through his victory on the cross.

He is now ruling and reining in the midst of his enemies until he has put all rule and authority under his feet .

The church was elected before creation to this eternal responsibility.

The angelic beings are temporary custodians in these positions of power until the true sons of the most high God are revealed.

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