Immortal glorified ones

What a destiny for the Church of the living glorified resurrected Christ.

What a calling we are called into, to be members of the glorified immortal Lord of glory.

To rule and reign with him forever and ever, over the domain of his good creation.

To be his representative self over the nations. Who will walk in the light of the glory of the great King.

Saints do not take lightly this destiny that has been offered to you.

Don’t miss out on this high calling and destiny, which he has for you through your lack of response.

Paul said that he was not disobedient to the heavenly calling.

Christ has given his all for us, he asks us to give him all for him.

Reach out, lay a hold of this offer you have been given in Christ Jesus.

He is coming back to rule and reign over his creation. With justice and mercy for all who long for his appearing.

Don’t get caught in the things of this present life, they are a trap set against the destiny of his people.

Refuse the offers from the prince of this present age, no matter what he presents to you, it does not compare to the glory of the King of heaven.

The day will come when the door will be closed and the oil will run out? be not foolish virgins be wise.

We are called to be bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh.

What a privilege what a privilege.

The days are rapidly approaching when he will be revealed with flaming fire, every eye will see his appearing.

He is coming back as Judge and King over his creation.

Will you be members of his royal family? or will you be members of the saved nations?

Can you hear him? he is calling you.

Will you answer him as he calls, or are you to busy loving the things of this world?

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