Christ is King now

We as the church need to see that Christ is king and ruler of the whole cosmos now.

This world has been reconciled through the death of Christ on the cross.

This is the message of the gospel of grace that all the hostile forces of creation have been unmasked and defeated by Christ.

They are no longer the gods of the nations, Christ has redeemed this world and the cosmos.

The powers who have been defeated, do and will continue to keep humanity in the dark on the work of Christ.

These rulers and authorities have been dethroned at the cross, their story has come to an climatic ending at Calvary, Christ is now victor over all things.

The nations have been redeemed through the sacrifice of the eternal son of God.

The apocalyptic event is history now unveiling this profound eternal mystery being witnessed in time.

Jesus is king of the creation now, not when he returns, he is the true ruler of this present age.

The powers are defeated, their reign as the gods of the age has already come to and epic ending through Calvary.

They haven’t yet realized this great mystery, but they are no longer in charge, Christ is king and ruler over all things now.

We as his Church are given this responsibility to proclaim to the powers of this age the message of the reconciliation of the cosmos.

The powers can not continue to dominate the nations, because we have read the end of the story of time.

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