The Judge was judged

History is the outworking of the apocalyptic event of the cross of Calvary.

One kind history closed, but anther totally different kind of history opened.

We now live in the time called the apocalyptic age, which means a new age breaking into this present age.

This new age was inaugurated at the cross of Calvary.

One age was judged by the judge of another age, which is coming, but already here, hidden in the eternal realm of this old world, which is now fading, disappearing into a coming new age, of a new world coming, but already here?

The judge of his creation, judged his own creation.

Only the judge had the authority to close one history and open another.

The old order of this visible creation came to a sudden ending, when the judge was judged.

In Christ, God the judge of all his creatures, put to death all that separated himself from them.

The powers that separated his creatures from the love of God, which are law, sin, and death, were all revealed, exposed and stripped of all their authority at the cross event of Christ, who is the God of all creation.

Every hostile force, which entered the creation that God created, were summoned to the cross, and there destroyed of their authority.

Through the death of Christ, all the enemies of Gods good creation were unmasked and defeated.

The judge descended into the depths of the powers domain, including death and hell, and led all the captives out of their exile of separation from his love.

Christ the Creator of all things, defeated him who had the power of death, which is the devil.

Through the defeat of the cross, Christ now fills every realm of his creation.

There is now not a place in the created order, where the light of Christ has not penetrated.

Christ is now victor of the grave, and death.

Death now has a new master, his name is Christ, who is the full representation of a new world, and a new humanity.

All things have now been reconciled back to the Creator, by the work of the Creator.

Man had no part in the redemption of the creation.

Christ who is the God of creation, became through the race of Adam, a man of his creation, defeated the powers, which were created by him and for him, which now separated him from his creatures.

All things that were against man have been overcome by the judge, which was judged for his creatures.

The judge of creation judged the man of creation. Then the judge took the judgment upon himself, which he pronounced on the man of his creation.

Then the judge told the man of his creation. Go and enjoy the freedom that now is yours.

The law, sin, death, and the grave have all been stripped of their sting.

It is finished was the last word on the cross.

The redemption of creation was final. All the enemies, which separated man from his Creator have been defeated at the foot of the cross.

When we see the cross we see Jesus, who was and is, the God of his creation.

Christ took upon himself, the full and complete rejection of Himself? So his creatures could be with him.

The Creator rejected himself, so that the man of his creation could be with him.

At the cross, the judge took upon himself all of his creatures goods, sin, death, the law, hate, rejection, anger, pain,suffering, sickness. Then the judge gave his creatures all of his possessions, love, joy, peace, freedom, health, kindness, goodness and life.

Everything that the judge possessed has now been given over to his creatures.

This was the great exchange of Calvary.

There is now nothing that is left in all of creation, which is able to separate his creatures from the love of God, which was revealed in Christ.

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