The radical work of Christ

The gospel of Christ is a radical profound event in the history of humanity.

It is the story of a creation gone astray, through the disobedient act of one racial head, who’s name was Adam.

Through one act of disobedience, the reign of death was brought onto all the creatures, who Adam represented.

The cosmos also participated in the sentence of death. All the powers of creation were also brought into death through the one act of disobedience.

From Adam to Christ death reigned over the entire creation.

No one had the opportunity to reject death, death was our inheritance just by coming into this world.

Sin also was our inheritance through Adam, we had no say in it. We couldn’t reject sin nor death, it was a free gift that we could not reject?

Adam was a type of him who was to come. So if we had no say in Adams gift, which we were given over to, then would it not make sense that now through the work of Christ now also have no say in the free gift of righteousness, which we all inherit through the one act of obedience, by Christ?

How can one say that the one act of obedience by Christ, is not now the free gift for all of Adams decedents?

Does the one act of obedience by Christ now represent the whole entire creation, which also includes the entire cosmos?

Does the death of Christ on the cross represent an limited atonement, or does it represent a complete atonement?

If the creation had no say in the sin of Adam, does it now have a say in the righteousness of Christ.

If Christ descended into death itself, and defeated him who held the power of death, then what is left that can separate his creatures from his love.

Death was the domain of all in Adam. It held all of his decedents before the event of Calvary. When man died in Adam they were kept in realm of death. Death was the final place of all who died in Adam.

The realm of death was a fortress that separated the man of Gods creation from the creator.

When Christ descended into death, did he not break down the gates of hell and lead out all the captives of death.

Does it not say the he might fill all things? is death out of the universal redemption of Christ.

Is there a realm of creation in, which the life of Christ did not invade?

The bible says that Christ broke into the strong mans house and plundered all his goods?

If Christ has destroyed the power death, then how can there be anything left in death?

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