The death of deaths

The new age of the new heavens and new earth, was inaugurated at the event of Calvary

The God of creation through his eternal Son, took upon himself the fallen old created world of Adam, and went into death.

I don’t think we as christian’s have really grasped the magnitude of the cross, and the depth of this fallen world, which through Adam’s sin and alliance with the serpent figure in Genesis, have now brought such devastation into the created order of the old creation and cosmos.

The fall so ruined the man of Gods good creation, that through Christ, God in his own being, took the old created order down into the depths of death.

We can’t grasp the magnitude of the ruin of creation, without entering through Christ into the realm of death with it.

Death is the place where the mystery of the fall is revealed to us. Death in union with Christ is the place of true seeing, as God truly sees reality.

Through the gift of participating in the cross of Christ, we are brought into the place of true reality. There in death the mystery is unveiled, we begin to see as God sees, we begin to know as God knows.

Participating in the death of deaths, we begin to truly understand how deep and marred the old order of creation is.

Why did Christ have to go down into death as God to redeem the world that he loves? This is a mystery that very few even attempt to answer. It is a mystery beyond understanding.

Christ who is creation in his divine nature and essence, was marred through the fall as much as his creatures? Adams sin pulled the Godhead down into the fall with him?

The cross event was the self revelation of the Godhead revealed in Christ.

We somehow think that God is beyond the effects of this fallen world, which he created through Christ. We think the fall does not in anyway reach the realm of the godhead, who Christ fully represents.

The cross event was God in Christ, revealing to this world and cosmos, at Calvary, by the suffering servant, who is the true and living God revealed in present time, the depths of the suffering required to redeem his creatures from the calamity and desolation of the fall.

At Calvary the fullness of the mystery of the suffering servant God was fully revealed to his creatures, by the Creator himself.

At the cross Gods self revelation was on display to the entire world and cosmos, which also included the angelic order of creation.

The cross was the super cosmic eternal event in time, displayed by a God who in himself is the created order.

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