The otherness of Christ

The powers and world rulers of this present age, who sit on thrones of power over the nations, governments, organizations, and yes even the Christian churches.

When we make the systems and structures of this world, our authority and moral compass, then we get into terrible trouble.

T A Sparks once said, if you are looking for the true Church in this world you will not find it. No matter how good it might look it is not of this world.

The true Church dwells in the dimensions of the new age that is coming, but already here, but not of this world.

When we make something in the earth the center and source of our reality, then this thing, no matter what it is, becomes a principality of death?

The trouble with the organized Church today is that somehow they think that the Lord is on their side.

One of the great sins of ancient Israel was they thought that the God of heaven was their personnel God. Israel couldn’t believe that their God was now calling the nations to himself.

Somehow we the Church think that we have a monopoly on the creator God. We think that he is on our side, we have a hard time considering that maybe we are in someway self deluded in our own importance.

Anything which takes the Lordship away from God becomes a principality?

The Church of the living glorified Christ, is a otherworldly creation, it is in this world, but not of it. It is in this time, but time is not a part of it.

The true Church is the body of the living Christ. It is an eternal otherworldly creature, who does not dwell in the systems of time.

The Church is a risen crucified reality that dwells in the new age that has come, but still a present presence in this passing fading age?

Once we loose our divine vocation, then we lose the living reality of the word made flesh.

No one in this world, no matter how biblicaly correct you may be, has the authority to speak for the Christ.

If the word made flesh is not spoken by the Church in true reality, then the outcome is death, biblicaly sound death.

If we the church speak from our own unapostolic selves, then we become vessels of death, just as any other in this world, death is spoken, death is the result.

God is so other than we. Gods ways are past finding out, he is such a profound mystery that can only be truly known through his self revelation to us.

When the revelation comes, then all our categories of what we think of him are shattered. He is other than we.

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