Through death, death is defeated

The cross of Christ in ones personnel experience is the power of God.

The cross is the realm, place of authority, where the life of the eternal God defeated the powers death sin and disorder.

At the cross the the power of God defeated the cosmic power of death.

Only at the cross was the defeat of death accomplished.

The life of God came into this world of death and darkness. Death was a impregnable fortress in the cosmos of the entire creation.

Only through going into the dominion of death did Christ defeat him who had the power of death. Death could not hold Christ in its grip.

Jesus descended into the depths of the realm and dominion of death and released all the captives of death.

Christ had to go into death to defeat the powers of death, which also include sin.

Sin is also a member of the family of death.

Death is the great enemy of creation, which the Church though their living union with Christ, is brought into the battle with the power of death.

The resurrection life of the victor over death, who is Christ, is only found, when we through the life of the Christ, descend into the depths of the realm of sin and death.

Through the victory of the life of the Christ in us, we are delivered from the power and bondage of death.

It is only through our entering into the realm and authority of death, through and in the crucified life of Christ, are we truly set free from the power and bondage of death.

The power of death is broken, when we through the life of Christ enter the realm and domain of death. Death is the place of the battle with death? Death is defeated in the realm of death.

Death is a seasonal event for the church, it can not hold us in its grip. The resurrection of Christ has defeated him who had the power of death.

Once our time is over in the valley of death then we find we have been given new weapons to fight this enemy, who is such a hostile force in this fading age and world.

The life of Christ brings us into death, so as to defeat him who has the power of death over us.

The power and authority of the world ruler, is only broken through our being baptized into the death of Christ.

Resurrection is always the fruit of our journey into the realm of death.

Death is a dark and lonely place, no one likes to enter this domain.

We all look for ways out, when one finds himself in this world of death. Death is not a pleasant experience for any to enter.

The power of death is a very hostile environment for any that finds themselves in the event of death.

No one in their right mind wants to stay in the place of death, but it is a grace that we must accept, if we are to truly be vessels of resurrection life.

If we run from the experience of death, then the life of the resurrection will not be found in us.

Death is the door that opens us to life. If we choose not to go into the death of Christ, we also choose not his resurrection.

If we love our human life in this world, we will lose our life in the age that has come?

Can you drink the cup? if you can then you will find the fire of life.

Death is the place where all things that are hostile to life are exposed in us, and to us. It reveals to us the depth of the bondage to this universal power.

When we are brought through the life of Christ into this world of death, It is a very calamitous time, and very confusing for any who find themselves in this otherworldly hostile environment. All is confusion, nothing makes any sense, the soul is laid bare in front of this hostile power.

This is a part of our christian experience through our union with Christ. It is a grace given for our deliverance from the grip and authority of death.

But once death has done all it can do, then the resurrection life of the Christ breaks into the darkness, and death is swallowed up by victory.

Resurrection life is always the end of the journey through death. Once our time in the valley of death is over, then we are brought into newness of life.

It is through going into the death of Christ, that we truly come into the life of Christ.

When our season given to death is over, then we come out into true life, true authority, true liberty, true power and tree freedom.

Oh death where is your sting, the grave is empty, life is victor!

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