Christ before creation

The triune expression of the eternal God, is the expression of himself as the Son, the first born of his own creation.

Through his act of becoming the first born Son of the eternal invisible God, the whole created order of the entire creation and cosmos was birthed.

God through Christ, became the beginning and only begotten divine expression of the immortal God.

Christ is the first born and only begotten Son of himself, through whom he birthed his own image and likeness, into his own created order, which he created in himself.

The divine immortal image of God is only revealed in and through the eternal Son, who was birthed through himself, the eternal God, as the first born of all creation.

Christ was begotten by God, which means that God expressed himself in the event of Son, who is the beginning, and most high God, who was the first born of his created act.

Christ is the exact representation of the invisible God, who is Christ now manifested in creation and time.

Christ is not any other than God, nor is he different than God. Christ is God, who gave a visible image of himself a creaturehood called the Son, which means the first born of all creation.

God joins his creation through the act and advent of the divine Son, also through whom the whole story of creation came to be.

God not only creates the whole creation through his Son, but he also becomes a participant of it through and in his Son. Who he is now as himself, and as God.

The old testament claims that the Lord thy God is the one and only God.

God is one unique divine reality, who expresses himself through three different modes of being, but in essence he is one and the same substance?

This God who created all things for his own good pleasure, and purpose, is found throughout the entire old testament scriptures.

This God who is Christ before the cross? appears to Abraham, appears to Moses, appears to the Prophets.

The bible story is really the story of a Creator that not only creates his creatures, but also becomes one of them, so that he can be with them forever.

God has no desire to be separated from the creatures, which he has chosen to love, by becoming one of them.

The Creator becomes the creature of his own creation, so that he can live in the midst of his creatures.

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