Militant Grace of Calvary

In the history of this world and cosmos, there has been two invading forces, which were released into the creation and cosmos.

The first invader came in the fall of Adam. The outsiders, sin, death, and the devil, invaded the good creation of a good God.

This hostile dark force, which is associated with chaos and confusion, invaded this present world of creation.

Where these dark foreign forces originated from has not been sufficiently answered in the world of theology. It is one of those deep mystery’s, which has no answer, nor logic to the question.

But the biblical reality is that something was released into the good creation of a good God, which has marred and disfigured the entire created ordering of God.

It was like a militarily invasion of some kind , which we now are born into, which is a hostile universal reality called the fall, which is ruled by, sin and death.

We now live in a world turned not only upside down, but also inside out.

This invading force and reality, has severely ruined the created order of this present creation and cosmos.

This is the sad reality of what is now the terrible truth of this present world and cosmos.

We are all born into something, which should not be, nor should it be accepted as the only reality of what is truth. But its all we know as subjects and participants in this reality, of being born into this hostile environmental structure of what is reality in the world in which we live.

The other great invading force, which invaded this world and cosmos, was the force called militant grace. This invading force called grace was the originator and creator of the entire creation and cosmos.

This force, which was released, was the God of creation, through the event of the cross, returning into his creation, through humanity, which he created, and then assaulting through death the invaders called sin, death, and the devil.

This invader was the creator returning into the realm of the invading enemy’s dominion, and then reclaiming the entire world and cosmos back through his weapon of militant grace.

At the cross this universal force called grace, summoned all the hostile invading forces to the cross of Calvary, and there at the cross militant grace assaulted and overwhelmed all the foreign invaders.

At the cross sin, death, and the devil were all cast out with the old creation and cosmos.

One of the last words that Jesus spoke before the cross was, and now shall the prince of this world be cast out. If he is cast out, then sin and death were also cast out with him.

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