Chained to the man of sin

The power of the force in this world called sin, leads to darkness, which leads to death.

Sin is the invading hostile force, which was released through Adan into the created ordering of God.

Sin was an outsider, which became an insider, which became death.

We through Adan have been born into the family called sin, death and the devil. This is our family tree. The roots of this family run deep into the depths of our humanity, and world that we are born into.

We are cradled and groomed by this sinister force, which is chained to us as soon as we enter this world.

It is a part of our DNA, which is traced all the way back to the garden of Eden, where something happened, which altered the creature that was created by a good God.

Sin and his brother death, who’s father is the devil, were released into the created ordering of the world and cosmos through some radical event of, which so little is written on.

Sin is situated in the very depths of our present reality and being. Sin is hidden from us by the fruit of sin, Who is darkness.

Darkness is the covering of sin. Darkness hides this sinister power called sin. Darkness is the fortress of sin, it protects and keep sin alive in us and this world.

Sin is a hostile force, which drags the creation into doing things that are unimaginably insane.

Sin is the prison house of our souls, we are chained to this man who does not look like us, but we now look like him. Sin has now become our father, our brother, our sister, and our mother.

We are all joined as one global family to this man of sin. He is what we all share in common together. He is divisive, he is sinister, he is violent, he is ruthless, he is hostile, he is heartless, he is boastful, he is proud, he is hate, he is loveless, he is arrogant, he is death? and he is chained to us?

Sin always follows us wherever we go. Sin is always ready and available to release its poisonous fruit called death. Once sin is released we smell the rotten fragrance of death. Death is the fragrance of sin.

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