New creation out of the old

The cross event was the transitioning of two ages, one age was deactivated and destroyed, and a new age was birthed.

At the cross God in Christ brought the whole old order of creation, and cosmos into a state of nothingness.

The cross event had nothing to do with fixing an old system that was broken. The cross event was the death of one entire system of reality, and being, and birthing something entirely new, something that was not, but now is in Christ.

Calvary was the ending of one entire creation and regime, and a new beginning of another creation, and cosmic ordering of which Christ is the firstfruits.

Creation was not renewed, nor restored, creation as we have know it was put to an ending.

The cross of Christ was the beginning of a new world out of nothing. The words of Christ at Calvary were it is finished. The end of the story is now here, the new creation in Christ has been birthed.

Christ through the event of death and resurrection, went into death as the representative for one type of humanity, but after his death and resurrection, Christ came back to reclaim the cosmos of the whole of creation.

The new world of a new creation brought into being through Christ, into the age that is now passing away into death and nothingness.

Gods saving event of grace, was God in his Christ destroying one order of creation through his death, and then birthing a new creation out of his resurrection.

God was not fixing something old, God was starting something new, something radically different than what was reality before.

Jesus brings one system into death, through death, putting an end to sin and death, and everything that was attached to the old world of creation.

Jesus comes out of the resurrection into the new age, but he doesn’t end the old world and age, he invades the old passing age, with the future age, which was birthed on the resurrection side of the cross.

This judgment was not like the flood of Noah, where God destroyed the whole world with the flood. This was an radical event. In this judgment of the cross, God starts a brand new creation.

God through death returns from death, and then radically brings the old creation through death into the new creation, which came out of the resurrection. This is beyond amazing it is radically profound stunning.

The apocalyptic revealing of Christ, means the ending of one eon, and the birthing of another eon. God in Christ invades the old eon with the new.

The history of this world and also the entire cosmos, is the history of death and resurrection. God in Christ takes the creatures of the old world, and then brings them into the new world, which he brought out of the death of the old world.

God in Christ starts an entirely different kind of creation right in the very midst of this old fading world, which was put to death at Calvary, but also brought into life in the resurrection side of Calvary.

The end of one history has now been finished and completed at the cross. The beginning of a new entirely different history was also started at the cross. The cross was the pivot point of two worlds, and two histories.

Gods rescue plan at the cross was not destroying his creatures, which he has chosen to love. Gods rescue plan was taking his creatures out of a creation, which was hostile to God, and then bringing them into a new creation, which is radically different in nature. A creation where sin and death and the devil are excluded. It is a creation that lives outside of this world of sin and death, and the evil powers of this present age.

Christ through the cross destroyed the old world, where the powers of sin and death had separated his creatures from his great love. In this new creation all things are made new. This new creation is for all to come in and enjoy, the freedom and liberty of an age, which now has come through the resurrection of Christ.

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