The death and resurrection of the old creation

As our outer man is wasting away, yet we are being renewed in our inner man, day by day, from glory to glory.

Gods radical event of coming into the creation, through death on the cross, is the crossroads of two histories. One history is wasting away, and another history is being renewed day by day.

Jesus through death descends into the heart of the earth, to the stronghold of death, and there in the realm of death releases his resurrection life into the fallen world of creation.

In death Christ renews the creation by planting the seed of the new creation life into the realm of the old. Christ releases his divine immortal eternal life into the depths of this fallen world and cosmos.

It is the seed of the resurrection life, which is planted in the very realm and dominion of death.

Our history in Christ, and the history of this world and cosmos, is the reality of the eternal, immortal life of God, now being released into the old order of death, and in a processes of time, swallowing up death.

Creation is being renewed by a processes of death and resurrection.

Through the death of Christ, death is being swallowed up, but also in the same act, through the resurrection of Christ, creation is being transformed and renewed, from glory to glory.

We do not yet see this the fullness of this reality, as we witness the wasting away of the old order of creation.

If one has eyes to see, one begins to see a new reality being birthed in the midst of this old fading outer-shell, of the old order of this creation and cosmos.

The kingdom of heaven is not invading this world from the outside, this invasion is taking place from the inside out.

The resurrection of this creation is an inner reality, the same as our outer man is wasting away through by the process of death, yet we are being renewed daily, from glory to glory, in the inner man.

We are taught to think as believes that the invasion of the kingdom of heaven is an outside reality. Invading this world through cosmic climatic upheavals of apocalyptic stature and event. But Jesus did not teach this, Jesus taught of the seed of the kingdom planted in the heart of this earth, this is the apocalyptic transformation of the creation from within.

I have always believed that the theology of heaven and earth, that the earth is here, and heaven is out above in some distant realm, has been a false presentation of these two truths.

I believe heaven and earth are one and the same sphere of reality. They are not separated by anything called distance. The only thing which separates these two realities is the veil, which the old temple in Jerusalem represented.

Heaven has always been in the midst of our world reality. But through the event of the fall of Adam, there is this covering reality called the veil, which through the death and resurrection of Christ, has now been torn from top to bottom.

We are not going to heaven, heaven is in the midst of us, it is separated by a veil. The cloud of witnesses are not in some place called heaven and we are in this place called earth. The Church is one reality in time, which is not separated by heaven and earth. It is separated by the covering veil, which Isaiah says, will at the end of the age be swallowed up by the fullness of the work of Christ.

Sin, death, and the devil were the only realities that separated us from the reality of heaven and God with us, but now through the work of Christ, by the event of the cross, the veil is torn into two.

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