The journey into death

We are living in the midst of two eons. One eon is wasting away with the death of the old creation. Another eon is being renewed in the life of a new creation.

The resurrection life and death of Christ deposited in our old life, is the beginning of the process of renewal and decay. It is the beginnings of who we will become in the age that has come.

As we are participants in the resurrection of Christ, so also we become participants in the death of Christ.

Death and resurrection is like breathing. We breath in the life Christ, we exhale the death of Christ. We inhale the glory of new creation, we exhale the death of old creation.

As we are participates in the decaying of one kind of life, so we also are participates in the renewal of another kind of life.

One life is being poured out unto death and decay, another life is being renewed day by day.

The death and decay of one life is a lonely journey in life.

It is the place of calamity and confusion, of being poured out in the presence of its enemies.

Death is the open grave, of a grievous wound.

Death is the hostile executioner in time.

Death is as a lamb before the wolf.

Death is the journey of the end.

The end of death is death.

The end of death, is the death of death?

The death of death, is the living of life?

The living of life, is Christ?

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