The cross and the new creation

I don’t think that we as christian’s have yet really grasped the magnitude of what Christ accomplished through the cross.

We are waiting for a time of the end of this age and the coming of the eternal kingdom of Christ.

But the bible really teaches that the end of the story has already arrived? The event of the cross, which transpired two thousand years ago was the end of this age, but also the new beginning of another age, an age in the midst of this present time and age.

The end of the story of a renewed creation has already been written, Christ is now seated at the right hand of the eternal majesty, ruling and reining over his new creation.

Christ is not waiting to be King, Christ is King now, the old eon is in the past, behold all thing are now new. This is the truth of what Christ has accomplished through the eternal cross.

We as believers are taught that the Christ will not return until there is an apocalyptic time in this earth, where curtain events need to transpire, then he comes in the clouds of glory.

But as one truly is open to the prophetic scriptures, then one has to believe that all these events have already transpired? We get into great confusion when we start to believe that so and so has to take place before Jesus is released from the heavens.

It is finished were the words of Christ at Calvary, the new creation has arrived, we are not waiting for Christ to take his place in creation as King and Lord, Christ accomplished this at Calvary. Calvary was the book of revelation fulfilled. The cross was the event of the end of this age, but also the beginning of the new creation.

The book of the revelation is the reality of what is already the truth, of what Christ has accomplished at the cross. It is the unfolding mystery of the cosmic war which was revealed in the history of this present time? The journey is now over, the story of the redemption of creation is now complete.

Paul was witness to these great mysteries, Paul saw the victory of Calvary. To Paul it was an event of the past. Paul was sent to the nations to tell the world of this good news of the gospel of Christ.

The story of time is just the revealing of this great mystery. Time does not wait for these events to transpire, time is just the place where these events of Calvary are now being revealed. The end of the journey is here, we are living in the new age, we are experiencing all the good things of the world to come, but already has come.

These are truths that are a fact, there is no other truth than this, Christ has already defeated all of the enemies of the good creation, of a good God.

Everything is now in the past, new things are already here. We are already living in the new blessed age that has come?

These are the truths of the biblical witness, its what we have in Christ, the new creation has now arrived in the midst of us. We as believers should be able to see these things, the veil has been lifted, the glory of the eternal God has filled the entire earth.

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