The shedding of the outer reality of old creation

The older one gets in the faith, the more and more one realizes, that one is now a creature of two worlds. The world that in the now and visible, and the world that is of an eternal dimension, which is not now and visible, but yet very present.

There is this ever growing sense of an eternity, which is in the very midst of our present reality and history. The ever growing reality of a fading time and world, of the now, and an ever growing sense of an eternal otherworldly world and dimension of a reality, which is coming closer and closer to us, or us to it?

There is this sense of an imminent time, of a fading world of some realm, which is closing, fading, disappearing into nothingness. But also of a new realm and reality of something, which is coming, closing closer into our world, some kind of a new otherworldly dimension of a time and space, which seems to be outside of this time and space of our present reality?

There is this sense in my spirit, that we live and move in an order of reality, which is something like an old set of clothing one wears, which is about to be shed, put of, and something totally new and other, underneath our present covering, which we live and move in, is ready to be revealed?

I am getting the sense of not a coming cosmic outer reality invading this world and realm, but I am getting a sense of an inner reality, being birthed through the outer reality, of this present covering we and this world are cradled in. Its like a shedding of a covering that hides a new dimension of reality, which is under the surface of what we see hear, smell and taste.

I know most believers are waiting for some cosmic climactic event, coming into this world from the outside in, but I believe the event of the advent of the kingdom of the heavens, is coming from the inside, in cosmic power into the outer reality of this world and cosmos.

I am starting to see in ever greater clarity, a hidden, but yet very present dimension, of some kind of a vast and powerfully present reality, which is just under the surface of this covering of the visible reality, of what we presently see and feel and know? Its as if something is being swallowed up by something vastly greater in dimension and scope?

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