Present day fairy tales of Christianity

We are living in the midst of a new revolution on what really the work of Christ means in regards to the faith.

We have so misinterpreted the event of the death and resurrection of the Christ of Israels God.

The Church has through its long history come from the Messianic hope of a renewed creation, where the Messiah of Israel would come and destroy sin death and the work of Satan, to now going to heaven or hell when one dies.

We have so succumbed to these deadly doctrines of the faith, that we somehow now think its the gospel truth to believe in these fairly tales.

Christ did not come to send people to heaven nor hell when they die. Christ came to defeat the work of sin death, and the devil.

Christ came to rescue his creation from the work of the powers of this present evil age.

Christ came to renew the once good creation of a good God.

Christ came to fulfill the Prophets proclamations in the OT.

Preset day Christianity has moved so far away from the hope of what the Jews truly believed, that for a Jew to look at the message of present day Christianity is to look at idolatry.

Through the advent of the Messiah of Israel, the promises of a renewed creation have now arrived.

The work of the Messiah of Israels God has now accomplished all that the prophets spoke.

God is not going to destroy this creation and create a new one, which is so widely preached today in Christianity. God is in the midst of a renewal of this creation, which he has chosen to love.

Its not about heaven nor hell, its about the resurrection of the creation. Its about making all things new. Its about a restored earth where heaven and earth come into oneness again. Where God again dwells in the midst of his good creation, with a redeemed rescued people, who have been freed from the work of sin death and the devil.

The message is God came in Christ to rescue us from all that separated us from his great love.

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