Living in the great lie

The book of the revelation is the curtain to the supernatural world drawn back to see the drama, which is unfolding in the heavenlies.

This unveiling only comes by God opening up to us the revelation of the world that is outside of time and space. It is a drama of an ageless cosmic calamity taking place right up to present time.

There is so little that is truly written or understood on this book, which the Apostle John wrote on the Isle of Patmos. It is a hidden reality of the unseen realm of the cosmos, where this timeless unfolding and unveiling is being played out, in the presence of time.

We by nature are as blind as a bat to this world of reality. Even once one has come into the new man who is the Christ, there is still a deep veil over us to this world of reality. But every once in a wile the Lord draws back the curtain for us, and when this happens one is stunned at what one sees.

I believe the Lord through his mercy doesn’t reveal to much of this reality to us, because I don’t believe we have the capacity to endure the seeing of it.

The little that the Lord has opened up to me, has been devastating. I believe when the Lord through revelation opens this world to us, we can never again be the same, because it is the place of true seeing as true reality is.

What we see and live in this world is governed by a lie of darkness. It is living in a lie, which has been the lot of this world for timeless ages past, when the representative man for humanity called Adan, allowed the lie of the serpent to enter into this world.

Adam opened a door and let something in to our world, which has completely altered the reality of a once good creation and God, who through love created all things.

This whole system and world we live and move in has been flawed at its foundation. The superstructure of this world was founded on the lie. The great lie was you shall be as God?

What the lie of the serpent really meant was, if you believe what I tell you, you will be my salve. This is what Adan should of heard?

With the lie that Adam believed, also came in the powers of sin and death, who’s father is the devil.

This is what is the truth of what this world lives in is, It is built on these superstructures.

Now humanity lives in the world of sin and death, sin now is the master and death is the life they live by?

Jesus came into this world to reveal the truth of its condition. Jesus said that he was the truth. Jesus was sent by the Father to restore to this world the truth, The truth of its real condition, but also the truth of his condition, who is truly the truth.

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