Apostolic sending

God is a sending God who sends his servants into the theater of the arena of this age.

Apostolic sending is the seal of authority given by the glorified Christ, who is the ruler of all things.

To be truly sent by Christ, with the authority of the King, comes the power to do the works of God, which is cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead.

The bible says that these signs will follow them who are sent by God.

This kind of a sending is not by any human agency. It is the sending of a supernatural God, who releases his authority through the one sent.

Apostolic sending is as if God was sending himself in the chosen vessel, of the servant who he sends

There is nothing special nor outstanding with the ones God chooses to send, if anything they are usually people who are the least qualified to be his representatives.

Apostolic sending comes with the authority to speak truth to the powers of this age.

The only words that the powers of this age are subject to, is the voice of the glorified King, who now speaks through his earthly servants who are sent.

To truly do the works of God, one needs the sending of God. God anoints who he appoints.

Many are called, but very few truly enter into this kind of a authority.

The apostolic person who is sent, is also given the resources of heaven to fulfill the call of the sent one.

The reason we see so little reality of the power of heaven released in the dimension of this world, is that so few are truly sent.

Apostolic sending comes with the rarefied atmosphere of heavens glory. The sent one lives and moves in the presence of the eternal age, of the glory of the new creation, which rules over the old?

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