The incarnation of the eternal Son

What a mystery, the incarnation of Christ, God who became man.

The event of Christ in you, God who through the event of the eternal Son now dwells in us.

God who has chosen to be with us for ever, in the event of the Son, who became a human, who became us?

God in the event of Son, walked out the life that was meant for his creatures before the beginning of creation.

The life that has no limits, has no fear, has no ending, has no equal.

The life of the eternal Son, who now through the event of the eternal spirit, is taking up his residence in our humanity. Living out his eternal life in the humanity of his creatures, who he has chosen to love forever.

What a privilege, the greatest love story ever told, the most faithful and true loving Creator, now taking his eternal residence in the creatures, who he has chosen to live in, and to love, and live with, a world without end.

The perfect humanity of the Son, incarnating his eternal substance of perfection into the creatures of a fallen time, and a fallen world.

What a mystery of privilege, oh amazing grace how can this be that the eternal King of Glory would die for me, and live in me.

Christ in you is the hope of our glory. God in Christ living out his eternal life in us, and through us, and with us. God in Christ enjoying the fellowship of his creatures through Sonship.

Blessed assurance is the cry of the redeemed, if God be for us who can be against us.

God who gave to humanity the most cherished part of himself in the event of Son? What a mystery, oh what a mystery.

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